Classic design in the style of the Sochi 2014 Olympic Games. 
The technology is a complete sealing of the bottle, do not allow to save space and provide a bright design option that will create the overall brand image.

Developed a special version of the cork swingtop, with ring mount at the bottom of the bottle. Choosing cork due to structural reliability, and the fact that the tube is associated in the minds with prestige and high quality.

Olympic Games were always accompanied by the release of some souvenirs, whether coins, stamps or other types of collection materials. And in the bottle, it was decided to introduce an element of collectibles. 
The options presented are collectible coins excellent promoted brand and attract more attention among consumers. 
Coins are divided into several types, the full collection is a coin with all the sports Winter Olympics on a background of stadiums, which will occur in a particular competition.

Coin is built into the tube, the unique design which holds her arm and lets you get only after opening the bottle. Slide show with sketches, concepts, schemes and a full description will appear in the near future.

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